ICMR 2016


Sponsorship info
21°F NYC, US

Several levels of corporate sponsorship available


$6,000 & above

4 free full passport registrations

Special recognition during banquet and other ceremonies



3 free full passport registrations

Special recognition during banquet and other ceremonies



2 free registrations



1 free registration

All sponsors logo will be displayed on the ICMR website, handbook, and conference proceedings under the designated sponsor level. ICMR bestows a number of awards including best paper and best student paper, etc. We assign the awards according to the sponsorship level, and within the same level, on a first-come first-choice basis. Sponsorship of the awards will be recognized during the conference and we will invite the sponsoring party to present the award. Sponsor logos will appear on the ICMR website as soon as the support is confirmed. Logos will be listed in the order of donation amounts first and then the sign-up dates. Sponsorship applications and payments will be accepted until 05/01/2016 (for inclusion in the handbook and conference proceedings, a high-resolution logo should be sent by 04/01/2016). If interested, please contact the Sponsorship Chair at [email protected] for sponsorship.

Lanyards, Tote Bags, T-Shirts

You can have your company name and logo on the promotional items distributed with the conference package at registration. These are:

- Lanyards (sponsor logo/name)

- Tote bags (sponsor logo on one side, ICMR logo on other side)

- T-shirts (large sponsor logo on back, ICMR logo on front).

We have a bidding process with opening bids:

- Lanyards: $2,000

- Tote-bags: $2,000

- T-shirts: $3,000

Bidding will be by email to the Sponsorhip Chair at [email protected]. The current highest bidders will be shown at the ICMR website. The deadline for bidding is March 15th, 2016 EST 5:00pm. The bid includes the manufacturing and shipment costs. For convenience, quality, and timeliness, we will place orders for these items, in consultation with the winning sponsors regarding the color and design. The additional amount of the promotional items will not be counted towards the sponsorship levels. For fairness, other corporate promotional items will not be included in the giveaway promotional package at registration.